🇬🇧 I tested the Japanese « Fuwa Fuwa » puffed pancakes

Hello! How are you? I am a little less present on the blog. I’m moving next week! I hate moves haha. I went to taste the famous ultra soft and thick Japanese pancakes that we see everywhere on Instagram. Fuwa Fuwa is a cafe specializing in this type of pancake. It is located not far from King’s Cross in a shopping center called « Brunswick ». I don’t know why I struggled a bit to find the cafe doing several rounds of the center hahah. The sign is not easy to find because the place is under construction. The showcase is neutral.

In Japan, puffed pancakes are commonly referred to as Fuwafuwa pancakes (ご わ ご わ パ ン ケ ăƒŒ キ). When we look back in the history of Japan, the earliest form of Japanese pancakes has been around since the 16th century. These have been called funo-yaki and were invented by none other than Sen no Rikyu, the founder of the Japanese tea ceremony. To do this, he mixed flour with water or made variations using sake. Due to the influence of western countries, pancakes returned to popularity in twentieth century Japan. The Japanese love to adopt dishes from other cultures and then create something of their own. This is how puffed pancakes were launched. They had instant success thanks to food photos and social media. They look like they came out of a manga! They are perfectly round and they move like jelly. I wanted to test this dessert to see if they were as good as they looked.

I ordered the « Lotus Biscoff special » (ÂŁ 7.90) with extra blueberries. The dessert includes two pancakes, speculoos dough, cream and crumbs of speculoos. I took blueberries as a supplement. I prefer this version of pancakes over American pancakes especially when there is a lot of baking. American and Japanese pancakes have similar ingredients. The difference is that puffed pancakes require less flour and the egg yolks must be separated from the egg whites. The eggs, beaten until stiff, are then gently incorporated into the dough. This technique created the airy and fluffy pancake batter. The texture is super soft and airy. The dough is not too sweet. On the other hand, I will not take this recipe again. They are not stingy on the speculoos sauce. So it was too sweet for me. There are options that are lighter and / or with more fruit. If you have a sweet tooth, I think this could be perfect for you

Fuwa Fuwa London – Unit 8, Brunswick Centre, London WC1N 1AE

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