🇬🇧RESTOS IN LONDON | Introduction to Nordic cuisine at SKÅl

Hello how are you? Today, we are talking about food. Very quickly after the official reopening of the terrace-only restaurants, we motivated ourselves to go have a drink and eat in the neighborhood. Angel is a beloved French spot in London and for good reason. It is an ideal area for walking, having a drink / coffee or eating out. There is plenty to choose from. There is a Chapel Market where you can eat the best falafels in London. There are a lot of cooking options. You have something for everyone. For antiques fan, there is a street dedicated to dealers. Then you can join the canal and walk towards Camden and King’s cross or towards « Shoreditch ». I recommend the visit. In short, for all its reasons it seemed a perfect option to come to terms with the terraces. But that was without counting the rain and all the people who had the same genius idea haha! All the pus and restaurants were reserved. After a good hour of struggle we finally found a place to rest in the rain! Ah low that’s also the life of a Londoner. SkĂ€l, I’ve walked past it a thousand times without ever making up my mind to go.

SkĂ„l means « Health » in Swedish. That evening I was not very hungry so I opted for a starter and a side dish. I discovered the Kroppkakor of Swedish dumplings. It reminds of gnocchi. It was very good but it tasted like not enough. They were accompanied by cheese and asparagus. I would have liked them to be filled as in the traditional recipe.

Then I had some good roast potatoes when I ordered I didn’t know how the Kroppkakor was prepared 
 so we are on a 100% potato meal. Ahah in the end I was sated.

The girlfriends decided to have some desserts which looked delicious: rhubarb cake and chocolate cake.

The food was good. The rating was a bit high. It is a restaurant that wants to be of standing. The waitresses were lovely and attentive. The tip was more than deserved. The place is rather small so I advise you to reserve a table in normal times (post COVID).

SkĂ„l Nordic dining – 149 upper street – N1 1RA Londres. More information here.

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