🇬🇧 RESTOS IN LONDON | Brunch: Discover Turkish fondue at Megan’s

Hello! how are you? Today, I share with you a good restaurant address. Megan’s is a chain of restaurants whose cuisine has a Mediterranean influence. The chef is of Turkish origin. Megan’s first opened in 2002 as a small antique store on Kings Road. To satisfy her little visitors, Megan herself started selling homemade pastries and cakes in the shop. The coffee part of the place was so successful that the owner decided to devote herself to coffee. Finally, Megan decides to return to New Zealand and decides to sell the coffee to a regular. The cafe becomes a restaurant with the arrival of Sercan. Today, the restaurant has enabled the opening of several other establishments: Clapham, Chiswick, St Albans, Surbiton, Kensington, Islington (Angel Station), Chelsea, Wimbledon, Balham, Parsons Green, Battersea, etc. This kind of success story is not unique in England. If the food is good, the restaurant can grow quickly.

The menu is strongly influenced by Turkish cuisine. I really like Turkish restaurants because the value for money is really good. The quantities are often generous and the dishes tasty. We were lucky and were able to go without a reservation that day but would recommend making a reservation. We have for a tray for two. It included a shakshouka, a turkish cheese fondue, sucuk « turkish chorizo », a turkish raw salad, a mashed avocado, harissa hummus, Nutella, cream halva (peanut butter cream). ), blueberry compote with flatbread and organic sourdough bread with 7 seeds. It costs 29 pounds sterling or 14.5 per person. We were afraid to stay hungry so we also ordered halloumi fries. That was delicious! Turkish fondue was a discovery for me: kuymak. It is traditionally eaten for breakfast. It is a dish native to the northeastern coasts of Turkey, the Black Sea region (Karadeniz in Turkish). It is made from cornstarch, Turkish cheese « Koleti de Trabzon », butter. It was very stringy hot. When it cools, it has a texture close to a panacotta or custard. It was a great discovery! There was little chance that I would be disappointed since the dish is based on processed cheese. 😋 😋 😋

The shashouka was also excellent and finally the amount of accompaniments was nickel. The only unfortunate thing is not to have brioche bread with jam, nutella and halva cream. I find the other breads nicer with salty.

Megan’s Islington – 6 Esther Anne Place Islington London, N1 1WL more information here

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