🇬🇧 My style – Dare to wear colors at the office

Hello! How are you ? Today, I offer you a fashion crush. I have been looking for a tailored outfit for months. The arrival of spring is for me the announcement of more color in my wardrobe. The weather is nicer, I don’t want to wear gray at all haha. The article is super misleading considering that I have been working from home exclusively for over a year! But hey, there will be a time when I return to work. It’s hard to create a team that works well without ever seeing each other. I will look for any kind of occasion to wear this set haha. Green is my favorite color but oddly it’s not the color you find the most in my wardrobe. It’s time to take advantage of the current trend which emphasizes the color of the duck to acquire a few pieces.

This is the first time I’ve bought tailored pants and managed to wear them with sneakers without retouching! It is incredibly well cut. I am a fan! I was comfortable in this set. I wear this set with a simple white shirt. Every time I wear a white shirt, I remember having a hard time looking for work and couldn’t find a shirt to fit me. Finding an outfit that was « professional » for me who was size 46 was a headache. I already had the stress of not getting a lot of interviews and in addition I was bad in my trainers because I could not see the correct outfit in my opinion: a shirt and a suit. I had to think about doing a hairstyle, a makeup that was not going to ostracize me in addition to this headache. You arrive at the interview to commit to what you have been able to find and already part of your very crumbly confidence has vanished 
 Long live the body positive and plus size commitment! Today, I’m showing you a Zara size XL suit set that works with my 46. It’s a bit of a miracle.

Tell me about shirts and pants, do you prefer the shirt tucked into the pants or the shirt outside? I prefer it when it’s back, but there are advantages to having the shirt off, especially to hide a stomach. But in the end it gets bigger haha! đŸ€·đŸŸâ€â™€ïž then you might as well dare to show all the curves.

Oufit details: blazer here (Zara), trousers there (Zara), white shirt here (New Look via Asos)

Have a great day!

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