🇬🇧 I watched Wanda vision

Hello! How are you? Today, I am talking to you about a series favorite. It is a Marvel series visible on Disney +.


« Living idealized suburban lives, the super powerful beings Wanda and Vision begin to suspect that all is not what it seems. » The series comes after the final film of the Avengers saga.


I wasn’t too hopeful looking at the show’s poster to be honest. The retro side made me a little suspicious. But frankly at the moment, there is much more to see in series so I try a little while in desperation! The next recommendations will be colorful, I warn you! I’m not going to make the suspense last long: I really liked WandaVision. I basically have a preference for Marvel productions over DC comics.

I advise not to stop at the first two episodes except if you are a big fan of American series of the 50s or of my beloved witch. Wanda and Vision are stuck in a magnetic field that cuts them off from the « Post Thanos » world. Their life unfolds like in a sitcom. Each day unfolds in a decade starting with the 1950s. Elizabeth Olsen is Ashley and Mary-Kate’s little sister. She spends amazingly from decade to decade in her acting. The special 90’s episode is a nice wink. As the episodes unfold, the viewer learns more about Wanda Maximoff’s childhood and her traumas. It seems that she is only losing people she cares about like in an unstoppable cycle. Teyonnah Parris plays the role of Monica Rambeau. Monica disappeared following the snap of Thanos’ fingers. When she comes back to life, she realizes that her mother at the head of SWORT has died of cancer. She is trying to overcome the pain and trauma caused by this tragic episode. She is the first to investigate the magnetic field surrounding the town of Westville. Monica is a woman who also knows how to show compassion while « kicking ass ». I really enjoyed Kat Dennings who plays Darcy Lewis. His role brings a dose of humor to the series. Kat Dennings played one of the « Two broke girls » waitresses. His black aplomb and temper allowed him to explode on screen.

WandaVision airs on Disney +. There is only one season of nine episodes. WandaVision is the first in a series of projects broadcast exclusively on Disney +. I can’t wait to see the next shows in the « Avengers » context.

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