🇬🇧 Lunch at Common ground

Hello how are you? Today I’m taking you to lunch at Finsbury park. I stumbled upon her this cafe by chance. I was doing apartment tours (the apartment search and one of the appointments was canceled so I stopped for lunch.

I love the decoration inside I wanted to take pictures to take an example in my future home. It is not allowed to eat indoors, which is why there is no table. Fortunately, the café has a large terrace.

I was drawn to the Bahn Mi sandwiches in the window. This is because I ordered with a fresh blood orange fruit juice. Hailing from the streets of Saigon, the Banh Mi sandwich is a Franco-Vietnamese hybrid made with an airy baguette, sour pickled daikon and carrot, crispy cilantro, spicy chili peppers and a piece of fresh cucumber surrounding a number. protein options, sweet. minced pork with sardine pĂątĂ©. The one I ate was vegetarian with pickled mushrooms. The topping was delicious and tasty. The bread was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It wasn’t really a baguette in my opinion because there was a lot of crumb. It was a bit overwhelming. I put it all over the place by mixing it up I can’t recommend it if you go on a date. The juice was excellent and you could tell it was homemade too. Sandwiches « Sabich baguette;’ Ve ’Banh Mi; foccacia Burrata and wild garlic are only available on weekends. More information on the menu here

Common ground – 49 Stroud Green Road London N4 3EF

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Allez viens, on parle :-)

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