🇬🇧 Berry and Brie – How to indulge yourself with the perfect cheese plater

Hey, how’s it going? Today’s post will be in English as this service is only available in London. I thought I might as well write this post in English. As if you are french and you live in London, there are big chances you can speak English. So, let’s go! Valentine’s day is a celebration of all kind of love for me: passion, friendship, self-love. Usually, I go out with my closest friends to have a pizza and drinks at the pub. But, this year it wasn’t possible. I wanted to celebrate anyway. Could not get a massage or a night at the hotel so I looked for great food. After looking for a couple of options for nice dinners on delivero, I decided to go for a grazing board. Berry and brie is one of the first results that came up on Google

I ordered a small box for 3 to 5 persons. The cheese board included: walnuts, pistachios, dried apricots, 4 different cheese (stilton, organic cheddar, goat cheese, brie, parmesan, mature cheddar), smoked ham, small falafels, caramelised onion & fig chutney from The Bay Tree, couple of chocolates, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, strawberry. I could add a personal message to the box. My card said: You are loved, you are enough, you deserve it! Enjoy.

The shop

Berry and brie is a family business managed by three sisters. Mako is the founder of the company and a foodie. She started Berry and Brie in 2018. Berry and Brie is black owned. The Grazing board can be delivered in London, Surrey and Essex.

Mon avis

I wasn’t expecting such a big board but it was very satisfying to see a board so well presented. The cheeses and the charcuterie were excellent. I loved the brie paired with the honeycomb. I wish I had more honeycomb in the box. The crackers were perfect not too salty and crisp. It’s soo good!

I was a bit disappointed to have only half of a strawberry with chocolates I could find in Sainsbury. I wish they added one or two strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. It would have been perfect. I didn’t understand the presence of falafels on the board. They were a little bit dry so I would have enjoyed them better with yoghurt based sauce. There was only one cherry tomato. I think it would be best to have 3-5 of each item when the platter is for up to 5 eaters. The rose petals were added by me but it would have been great to have a couple of fresh roses in the box. There was enough space for them. You can see a little bottle of rosĂ© but it’s mine. This isn’t included.

You can’t get an exact time slot for the delivery. I wish we could as mine was delivery at 7.30am ahah! The guy literally woke me up when he rang at my door. I wore my mask to hide my face and cover my morning breath. He didn’t need to suffer. 😂 😂 😂

I would recommend it for a party, a special occasion or a picnic. This a little investment in your happiness! but it was 50 quid! The essential of the board so the cheeses are an absolute delight! The box was a limited edition for Valentine’s day but the team offer new boxes for every occasion.

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