Look – Where to find stylish face masks in the UK?

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I normally write my article in french but this article is dedicated to people living in UK. I was in shock when I saw an Instagram post of Christian Siriano with models wearing high fashion, luxurious masks (here). Don’t get me wrong they were amazing. I just did not realise that wearing a mask will be a new habit to adopt in the long run… I thought paper masks will cut the mustard until everything goes back to normal. But let’s be honest that ‘normal’ isn’t going to be back before 2021. So, I came to the conclusion that masks are here to stay. But, you know what when life gives you lemon… They are going to be actual fashionable item, new accessories. I wanted something created by small designers and made in the UK so I went to the Etsy eshop to find original and functional masks made here. I had no bad surprises luckily and all of them arrived by mail relatively quickly.

Camo mask by WoolyThinkerUK

This one is my favourite! I feel like a ninja when I wear it. The fit is perfect. There is room to breathe properly. The fabric used is relatively light. The maker is Dorotha from WoolyThinkerUK.

Camo reusable mask with filter – £13.99 per mask buy one here.

Gold Leopard print masks by MotiejusYarns

I am in love with the gold leopard print. So, I bought three in case I lost one or several of them! They have a nice fit but the fabric is thicker because the masks are made of three layers of cotton jersey. You can feel it is good quality. It will be more appropriate at night or during the end of Q3 or winter. Yes, I think we will need to wear masks throughout the winter. Also, sometimes I get so cold that the mask could keep my face warm. The maker is MotiejusYarns. You get a discount when you buy three masks.

Gold leopard mask – £12 per mask. You can get one here.

Dot print Mask by Hartlam Design

It is so funny because when I received it I was a bit disappointed. I thought it was going to be too short to cover my face and the fabric seems low-quality. But actually, this mask fits well surprisingly. The fabric is also very light which is a good point with the current heat. It is very comfortable. There are a lot of prints available. You will probably find something that suits you. The maker of the mask is Hartlam Designs.

Grey Dot mask – £6 per mask. You can get it here

Linen Masks by AVLEN UK

Those masks are great because they are made with linen. Linen is the perfect fabric for summer. The elastic bands are uncomfortable. I think my head is too big! No worries, I will find a way around this by adding extra knots to wear the mask without passing the elastic behind my hair. Nevertheless, they are very well made. Check print mask isn’t available anymore but there are still Sand masks on the e-shop. The maker is AVLENUK.

Sand Mask – 9.99 per mask. You can get one of the few left here

All the masks arrived relatively quickly via PostMail. Do let me know if you order any of those! I would love to hear you review! None of them will prevent an actual contamination. It is just going to protect people around you from being infected if you have COVID 19. You have to clean your hands, keep you distance and avoid touching your face.

Have a lovely week!

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